Salon Services

Walk-ins are welcome – but appointments are preferred
All prices are subject to change without notice

Consultations $30.00
Consultations are a great way to start! To sit down one-on-one with the stylist of your choice and talk about your hair options! (By appt. only & varies between 15-30 mins).

Shampoo $15.00 and up
Conditioning (treatments are additional) $15.00 and up
Shampoo, Blow Dry $45.00 and up
Shampoo, Blow Dry, Style $55.00 and up
Shampoo, Blow Dry, Thermal Style $70.00 and up
Shampoo, Roller Set, Style $60.00 and up
Shampoo, Special Pinups $80.00 and up


Health trim $25.00and up
Shaping cut $55.00 and up (three inches or less)
Transforming cut $75.00 and up (four inches or more)
Conditioning Treatments $15.00
Protein $25.00
Intense protein $45.00
Intense moisture $35.00
Hair Additions (varies in price, consultation required)
Long Hair (additional to each service)
Thick Hair (additional to each service)

Children 10 and under

Shampoo, Style $45.00 and up
Shampoo, Blow dry,Style $50.00 and up
Shampoo, Thermal Styling $60.00 and up

Extras (for children)

Health trim $15.00 and up
Shaping cut $25.00 and up
Conditioning Treatments $20 and up
Long Hair (additional to all services) $10.00

Natural Hair

Shampoo Cornrows and Plaits $65.00 and up
Shampoo Twist $85.00 and up
Shampoo Lock/Twist Style $85.00 and up
Shampoo Flat Twist Style $85.00 and up
Shampoo Natural Set 85.00 and up

Chemical Services

Perms (includes trim) $100.00 and up
Special Perms (includes trim) $125.00 and up
Keratin Treatment $350.00
Virgin Relaxer (includes trim) $145.00 and up
Touch Up Relaxer (includes trim) $100.00
Virgin Texturizer $85.00 and up
Touch Up Texturizer $70.00 and up
Partial Relaxer $20.00 and up
Permanent Color (each process) $95.00 and up
(Color Corrections by appt. only)
Foil Highlight $100.00 and up
Semi & Demi Permanent Color $65.00 and up
Color Rinse $45.00 and up
Partial color $35.00and up
Long Hair (additional to services)
Thick Hair (additional to services)