Spa Services

Swedish – 60 minutes – $100 / 90 minutes – $150
Swedish – The most popular massage of all, this technique leaves the body relaxed and rested by using firm but gentle pressure to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and improve flexibility.

Deep Tissue – 60 minutes – $100 / 90 minutes – $150
Deep Tissue – This massage is concentrated focus work using primarily thumbs and elbows to loosen the connective tissue where muscles attach and knots form.

Aromatherapy – 60 minutes – $100 / 90 minutes – $150
Aromatherapy – A therapeutic massage using the oil from organically grown plants. Each massage is tailored to fit your individual needs.

The Sports Massage– 60 minutes – $100 / 90 minutes – $150
Sports Massage – A therapeutic massage that incorporates the use of stretching. This technique helps to alleviate soreness and swelling and helps to prepare the athlete or weekend warrior for peak performance by reducing muscle tension and promoting flexibility to prevent injuries.

Pre-Natal – 60 minutes – $100 / 90 minutes – $150
Pre-Natal Massage – Designed to target discomfort areas during pregnancy, Pre-natal massage promotes overall well being and relaxation during this precious time.

Walking on the Stones of U – 60 minutes – $125 / 90 minutes – $175
Walking on the Stones of U – A massage using warmed basalt stones and oils to help detoxify and melt away stress with heat.

Exfoliating Foot Scrub and Reflexology treatment – 15 minutes – $30 / 30 minutes / $45 Add-on Exfoliating Hand and Foot Treatment
Exfoliating Foot Scrub and Reflexology Treatment – This invigorating body treatment is just enough. A thorough sloughing of dead skin with an invigorating foot scrub on legs and feet, followed by warm towels to remove residue and a firm foot and leg massage with an creamy body butter.

Full Body Exfoliating Body Scrub – 60 minutes – $120
Full Body Exfoliating Scrub – This treatment uses either Dead Sea salt, brown sugar or jojoba beads to exfoliate skin to a healthy glow. Afterwards a moisturizing body cream is applied to seal and hydrate skin.

Detoxifying Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap – 45 minutes – $110
Detoxifying Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap – After light exfoliation, a caffeine based mud wrap is applied all over concentrating on problem cellulite areas. You are then wrapped in a warm cocoon and after rinsing you are slathered in an enriched body cream.

Two 4 U – 120 minutes – $200
Two 4 U *– A full body exfoliating body scrub followed by your choice of a 60 minute therapeutic massage.

Z’s Body Indulgence – 150 minutes – $280
Z’s Body Indulgence – This treatment is the ultimate in spa experiences. You are first given a Full Body Exfoliating Body Scrub, followed by a Detoxifying Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap and ending with a therapeutic massage using select warm stones to focus on any problem areas you may have left.

*excludes Walking on the Stones of U and Pre-Natal Massage